Luggage Storage in Washington DC

Luggage Storage in Washington DC

Washington DC's most convenient luggage storage locations to drop off your bags to enjoy your day. Starts from just $1/hour. Store your baggage today!
Luggage storage in Washington DC

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Luggage storage in Washington, DC

If you’ve recently traveled through the area, then you already know that luggage storage in Washington D.C. in 2018 was a little scarce. We’re determined to make this year much easier for travelers who need good luggage storage in Washington D.C.

So don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

We’ve put together this handy guide that addresses some frequently asked questions that we hear about storing bags in the United States’ capitol. So instead of Googling “luggage storage near me,” you can just keep reading to learn all about where to store luggage in DC!

Without further ado, here's how to store your luggage in Washington DC using Knock Knock City's booking platform.

You can now leave your luggage in many convenient places around Washington D.C.! Knock Knock City offers fully insured luggage storage at a low price. With our flexibility, secure bag storage facilities, and no-fee cancellation policy, you can fully enjoy Washington D.C. - on your terms.

You’ll be given one of our branded zip ties that you can use to securely close your bag. Unlike other luggage storage options, we make it easy for you by offering pre-booking through our website. It’s $1/hour (Pay max. $10/bag per day). The rate is the same for all sizes of bags, backpacks, luggage to make it simple. Finally, we understand that plans change, and offer a free cancellation policy at any time, from anywhere. We want to make your bag storage in Washington, DC an easy, stress-free experience!

List of Luggage Storage Locations in Washington, DC

We’ve sorted them by neighborhood name to help make it easier for you to find the most relevant.

Here is a list with our most popular areas:

Luggage Storage Near White House

Luggage Storage In Georgetown

CNBC approves of Knock Knock City's Luggage Storage Locations:

You can now store your luggage in many convenient places around Washington, DC! Knock Knock City offers fully insured luggage storage at a low price. With our flexibility, secure bag storage facilities, and no-fee cancellation policy, you can fully enjoy Washington, DC.

"Like the other luggage-storage app services, the list of Knock Knock City partner sites is eclectic. Customers can store their bags at bike shops, clothing stores, restaurants, a massage therapist’s office, an eyebrow bar, at hotels and in hostels."

Knock Knock City is partners with local business and storefronts to bring you affordable, secure luggage storage in Washington D.C. Our locations are carefully chosen and their employees extensively trained in safety so you can explore knowing your bags are safe. Unlike other temporary luggage storage in Washington D.C., we offer the option to pay by the hour so you aren’t charged for more time than you actually use. It’s $1/hour (Pay max. $10/bag per day). The rate is the same for all sizes of bags, backpacks, luggage to make it simple.

When you drop your bags off at one of our locations, you’ll get one of our branded zip ties that’s designed to make sure your bag stays closed while you’re gone. This serves as an extra protection against theft. To add to your peace of mind, we offer $2000 of insurance for every bag you check in with us! We also have a free cancellation policy in case you can’t make it - no questions asked.

Alternative Luggage Storage and Locker Options for Washington, DC

Is there luggage storage at washington DC airports?

The short answer is no. Due to security concerns, none of the airports in the DC area offer luggage storage. However, you can still take advantage of Amtrak’s Union Station DC luggage storage, which is what we’re going to talk about next.

What about storing bags at Union Station?

Union Station is conveniently located next to a lot of DC attractions, such as the National Mall and the White House. Luggage storage at Union Station is just one of the many commodities they offer!

Amtrak ticket holders can store their bags for $12 per day. If you don’t have an Amtrak ticket and don’t want to buy one, you can still store your bag at their facilities, but it will cost $20 per day. There are no luggage lockers near Union Station DC, so your best option is to take advantage of their storage.

Name: Union Station
Type: Train station
Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
Type of storage: Daily
Price: $12-$20 per day

Are there other luggage storage DC options?

Yes! If you’re heading to one of the Smithsonian museums, they will usually be able to store your bags for you during your visit. Basically, Smithsonian luggage storage consists of lockers that can fit carry-on sized bags, and are only for use during your time at the museum. You will have to take your bags with you when you leave.

The National Gallery of Art also offers luggage storage services to its visitors. Please note that all bags will be inspected and X-Rayed before being stored. Similar to the Smithsonian, you will have to take your bags with you when you leave.

Other Luggage Storage Options In Washington D.C.

Other than the options previously mentioned, luggage storage in Washington D.C. is scarce. Luckily, we will very soon have several locations open for your use! We would encourage you to keep an eye out for our service in the very near future. Whether you’re a traveler who wants to enjoy your layover without dragging your bags around or a local who needs to store your bag during a day out, Knock Knock City offers affordable luggage storage for only $1 per hour per bag.

Washington D.C: A Historical And Cultural Adventure

From the politics of today to the documents that officially founded the United States, Washington DC offers a glimpse into the country’s fascinating history and political scene. If history isn’t your thing, be sure to check out all the great places to shop, dine, and explore. From beautiful gardens to water tours, you won’t be disappointed with this bustling city!

Traveling In D.C: Things To Know

There are so many things to do and see in DC that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. If you have a limited time to spend and want to see the city’s more iconic sights, we recommend you head straight for the National Mall. Many of the city’s famous attractions are close enough that you can likely see most of them in a matter of hours.

The best methods of transportation in DC are the metro (be ready to give up your seat for elderly and disabled riders!), Uber, and taxis. Never leave personal items unattended in any of the places you visit and be sure to stay where you know it’s safe after dark.

Name: National Mall
Type: Park
Offerings: National Landmarks, shopping, walking paths
Price: Free

Attractions In Washington D.C.

It goes without saying that the National Mall and all its parts - the Lincoln Monument, Capitol Hill, The White House, and more - is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the city. If you want to visit this iconic location, the best time to go is during the early morning or evening hours because it will be less busy. The Smithsonian Museums are incredible and offer entertainment and adventure for everyone in the family, and animal lovers will jump at the chance to visit the National Zoo.

Name: Lincoln Monument
Type: Monument
Address: 136 US Frst Service Rd 705 A, Laramie, WY 82070
Offerings: Sculpture, History
Price: Free

Name: Capitol Hill
Type: Neighborhood
Offerings: National landmarks, eateries, shops
Price: Free - $$$

Name: The White House
Type: Government office
Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
Offerings: Tours
Price: Free

Name: Smithsonian Museums
Type: Museum
Address: 600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20002
Offerings: Museum tours, activities, souvenirs
Price: Free (with the exception of the African American History and Culture Museum)

Name: National Zoo
Type: Zoo
Address: 3001 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
Offerings: Animal viewing, Tours, Souvenirs
Price: Free

Places To Shop In Washington D.C.

While the National Mall is usually what gets all the attention in DC, there are hundreds of great places to shop. If you want to take home a truly unique souvenir, check out White House Gifts, the Washington Welcome Center, or The Mansion on O. Flea markets and street shops abound, like the famous Union Market, and Eastern Market. If clothes are your thing, be sure to stop by The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Whether it’s chocolate, books, or wine and cheese, you can find almost anything you’re looking for in Washington DC.

Name: White House Gifts
Type: Gift shop
Address: 701 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Offerings: Gifts and souvenirs
Price: $$

Name: Washington Welcome Center
Type: Souvenir store
Address: 1001 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004
Offerings: Gifts and souvenirs
Price: $$

Name: The Mansion on O
Type: Hotel and Museum
Address: 2020 O St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Offerings: Lodging, tours, gifts, food
Price: $$-$$$

Name: Union Market
Type: Street market
Address: 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Offerings: Food, shopping
Price: $-$$$

Name: Eastern Market
Type: Public Market
Address: 225 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003
Offerings: Shopping, food, unique gifts
Price: $$

Name: The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
Type: Shopping mall
Address: 1100 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202
Offerings: Clothes shopping, food
Price: $-$$$

Eating And Drinking

When it comes to eating and drinking out in DC, there are options to please even the most adventurous. From delicious Thai dishes to All-American grub to authentic Israeli street food, this city has it all! Try moderately priced local favorites like The Bird or Logan Tavern for comfort food options - some with a twist. Try authentic Ethiopian food at Keren Restaurant, which is also very reasonably priced. If it’s drinks you’re looking for and have some cash to spend, Barmini is widely rumored to be one of the best bars in the city. Though deciding what to eat and drink might be tough with so many options available, you’re likely to be very happy with your choice!

Name: The Bird
Type: Restaurant
Address: 4219, 1337 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Offerings: Bird-themed cuisine
Price: $$

Name: Logan Tavern
Type: Restaurant and bar
Address: 1423 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Offerings: American cuisine and drinks
Price: $$

Name: Keren Restaurant
Type: Restaurant
Address: 1780 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009
Offerings: East African cuisine
Price: $

Name: Barmini
Type: Craft cocktail bar
Address: 501 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20004
Offerings: Cocktail bar with a creative menu
Price: $$$$

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When do I pay?
We charge your card after you pick up your bags, only for the duration of your storage! When you arrive at the host location, our host scans your QR code. That processes the check-in in our system. When you go back to pick up your items, our host scans your QR code again, processing the check-out. We accurately track the hours, calculate your total and seamlessly charge your card on file. If you booked a spot but didn’t show up, you don’t pay anything. All payments are protected and processed by Stripe. We are 100% cash-free.
How much do I pay?
It’s $2/hour or $12/day per bag. The rate is the same for all sizes of bags, backpacks, luggage to make it simple.
Is my bag safe?
Yes. Safety comes first. We deliberately vet all our host locations and provide training to ensure that your bags are in good hands. We provide each location with our custom numbered zipties to seal the zippers of your bag. Your items are stored in a private space at the location, and we provide $500 insurance per bag. There are certain types of items that you can not store such as illegal items, items with sentimental value or living things. You can see a full list in our Terms & Conditions. We stored thousands of bags and all we heard is how grateful travelers and commuters are for releasing the burden of their bags and enjoying their time in the city.
How do I book a spot?
Bookings are only made online. It’s very easy and fast to book: Click on the city that you’d like to store your bags in, on our homepage. When you’re on the map, choose a convenient host location and click on the purple luggage icon to select it. You’ll see the “Book” button. When you book, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a QR code on your screen. That means you’re all set, you can head to the location to store your bags.
I’d like to become a host, how do I sign up?
Thanks for considering joining our host network! We’d love to have you on board. Please email your contact information to [email protected], or leave it at our Become a Host page and we’ll get in touch with you about the next steps!
What’s the benefit to hosts?
As a retail shop, you’ll get increased foot traffic, potential new customers and generate supplemental revenue, completely for free! To learn more or to see if you qualify, leave us your contact information at [email protected] or on our Become a Host page and we’ll get in touch with you!
Can’t find an answer to your question?
We have 24/7 chat to make sure that all your questions are answered. Drop us a message and we’ll get back within 30 minutes.
About Knock Knock City
The problem
Picture this: you’ve just arrived at your destination after sitting on a plane for a few hours. You want to stretch your legs and explore your favorite city until your hotel or Airbnb check-in; or you’ve got another long flight and want to make the most of that layover. But there’s a problem: you don’t want to drag your luggage all over the city. What do you do?
The solution
At Knock Knock City, we’ve experienced that problem, so we came up with a way to fix it! We work with local shops and businesses in convenient locations so that travelers just like you have a safe place to store their luggage while sightseeing. All of our locations are carefully vetted for security and the hosts are given in-depth training on handling and safety - which not all luggage storage locations can say. You can store everything from backpacks to luggage for the same low price!
Why we are awesome
Every person’s storage needs are different. Maybe you arrived earlier than your check-in time, maybe you want to enjoy the city after checking out, or maybe you’re a local who needs to store their gym bag in between a workout and dinner with friends. We only charge you for the time you actually store your luggage with us, at a flat $2 per hour. Since schedules can be unpredictable, we also offer a no-fee cancellation policy. Additionally, each bag you store with us is insured, so you can truly have a worry-free experience.
Besides our flat $2 hourly rate, we also offer extended storage options: $12 per day, $49 per week, and $149 per month. Our host locations have great perks for travelers such as offering bike tours, souvenirs, snacks and most of them apply discounts special for Knock Knock City customers!
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