Best Luggage Storage Apps – Compared

Are you looking for a secure location to keep your luggage during a layover so you can visit a city without having to carry your bags? Alternatively, you may have arrived early in the day and are unable to check into your hotel. In the meanwhile, what do you do with your bags? Having a luggage storage app with you on your travels would be a great advantage and a life-saver when you have little time to spend in one location.

There is a solution if you are planning a vacation and have a few hours to kill before or after check-in – and are unable to contact another left luggage provider. Luggage storage apps are a terrific solution, and we are here to help you compare them, break them down, and decide which luggage storage app is best for your needs.

Best Luggage Storage Apps

How do you know which apps will provide you with the most handy storage options when you’re on the road? Is it safe to use them? Which applications provide insurance in the event that your belongings are misplaced, stolen, or mistreated? Which option is the most affordable?

Find the answer here!

1. LuggageHero – Best Luggage Storage App

LuggageHero is our favorite luggage storage app as it allows for hourly storage, provides high insurance, has many locations per city and we even have a discount code for 2 hours of free luggage storage when you book through the app! Discount code can be found below 👇

Locations: 1600+ locations in 40+ cities worldwide
Where can you find LuggageHero? Europe, USA, and Canada. Most locations in NYC and London.
Bag/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations on bags.
Free Cancellation: Free up until drop off.
Pricing: $1/1€/hour + one-time $2/2€ handling fee. Max $8/8€/day (including the handling fee).

Discount: Use this discount code “KNOCK” for 2 hours of free luggage storage when using the app (also works when booking online through their website).
Guarantee: Bags are insured up to $3,000/€2.500/£2.200. Each storage location is personally certified by LuggageHero to make sure that the bags are kept safely and appropriately.

Why is it the best? We believe it is the best option as it offers high insurance, free cancellation, the option to store your bag per hour rather than only per day, personally certified locations and no size or weight limitations on bags. Further, LuggageHero has been reviewed by over 50000 customers and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5The app offers the option to use the map and easily locate the closest luggage storage option to you and is generally super easy and efficient to use.

2. Vertoe

Vertoe offers a great luggage storage app – however, one can store their bags only per day and there is no option for storing your bags on an hourly basis.

Vertoe App

Slogan: Luggage Storage Anywhere, Anytime
Locations: 500+ locations in 35+ cities.
Where can we find Vertoe? USA, NYC
Bag/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations from Vertoe, but their locations reserve the right to request that an item that weighs more than 75 lbs or 35 kgs will be charged as two items, or may reject to store it.
Is there free cancellation? Free up until drop off.
Price: Starting at $5.95/day/bag, no option for hourly storage
Insurance: Every booking is covered by a $5000 insurance.

Do we recommend? Vertoe is a great option if you are storing bags in the US or NYC, however if you need another location it may not be as useful. Further, you can only store your bags per day and there is no option to store per hour which could be frustrating if you only need storage for a small period of time. The reviews on the app are positive and customers seem to be generally satisfied with using the app.

3. NannyBag

NannyBag is a great app which offers locations in many cities around the world. However, one may not find many locations per city.


Slogan: Drop off your luggage in our partner shops and hotels and enjoy your day!
Locations: 2000+ places across 250+ cities
Where can we find NannyBag? Europe and USA, many locations in France.
Price: 6€/per day
Insurance: 1500€

Do we recommend? NannyBag is a great option for Europe and France that offers locations in various cities. However, it only offers a daily fee for your bag and there is no option for hourly luggage storage. However, the app does have some bad reviews on the App Store so if you choose NannyBag maybe booking through their webpage would be a better option.

4. Radical Storage

Formerly known as BagBnb, Radical Storage offers numerous locations and storage points. However, at the time of writing, it is one of the storage apps that does not offer insurance but only a 500$ guarantee, which is quite little compared to other options.

radical storage

Locations: 2500+ luggage storage locations across the world
Concentration: Mostly major US and European cities.
Bag/Weight Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Can you freely cancel? Free up until drop off.
Pricing: Starting at €5.00/day/bag, varies by location.
Insurance: No insurance, 500$ guarantee per bag instead.

Do we recommend? Radical Storage really is one of the apps that offer most locations and a cheap price (only per day, no hourly option). If the guarantee is enough for you then there is no reason not to choose it just because of the no insurance. The ratings on the app are generally good but there are a few negative comments in relation to refunds and cancellation options.

5. Bounce

Bounce is a great option that allows you to store your bags in over 1000 locations around the world. The storage is only per day and there are no hourly options. However, Bounce offers the highest guarantee in the industry (note: it is not insurance, but a guarantee).

usebounce luggage storage

Slogan: Luggage storage all around the city
Locations: 1000+ locations spread around USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia
Where can we find Bounce? Mainly in US and Europe
Bag Limit: No size or weight limitations.
Is there free cancelation? Free up until drop off.
Pricing: $5.90/day
Insurance: They offer a $10,000 Bounce guarantee (note: it is a guarantee, not insurance)

Do we recommend? Bounce is a great app option that offers various locations for luggage storage in many cities. The guarantee is also rather high so it offers good protection for your belongings.

Those are some of the best apps for luggage storage out there. What is your favorite luggage storage app? Don’t hesitate to let us know. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We believe that all of these apps can serve you on your visit to most US cities. We will keep updating this list as more interesting apps appear out there.

Have a nice journey!