Luggage Storage in Gare de Lyon

If you just arrived to Paris and you want to start your day without any problems, we got you! Knock Knock City offers Honest information on affordable luggage storage rates, insurance, and a no-fee cancellation policy. We offer you the possibility to store your bags so that you can enjoy Gare de Lyon unhindered.

LuggageHero is the recommended luggage storage service for your trip to Gare de Lyon

Most of the luggage storages are half of the station luggage. But LuggageHero has 30+ stores in Paris and they offer you the most flexible pricing which we is a good choice for all situations.

Luggage store service is half the price of station luggage and airport lockers in Paris.

With LuggageHero, prices are always a maximum of 1€ per hour or 7 per day! LuggageHero is the ONLY service offering Hourly and daily rate unlike the other services.

LuggageHero is using empty space in certified shops, cafés, and hotels to store your luggage. All luggage is insured and sealed with unique security seals. This way of using local stores has increased in popularity since 2017.

LuggageHero stored luggage for 3.5 million of hour for more than 35.000 costumers.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app:

For more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app. There you can see all their locations around you.

LuggageHero gare de lyon

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We have a solution to your luggage storage problem 

The days of searching for luggage storage near me are over. LuggageHero is here to save your day while visiting Paris!

Knock Knock City Provides You with the best information on Accesible Luggage Storage Services in Gare de Lyon

Picture this: you’ve just touched down at Gare de Lyon, Paris and you are excited to explore during your stay. There’s just one thing in your way: your luggage. We can relate! That’s why we provide day luggage storage in Gare de Lyon, as well as overnight luggage storage in Paris. 

At Knock Knock City, it’s our mission to help you have the best option possible on short term luggage storage in Paris. Our entire system is centered around the most important thing: you! 

Don´t be bothered and simplify your trip, download LuggageHero free app and enjoy your stay in Gare de Lyon!

Store your bags in Gare de Lyon

luggage storage Gare de Lyon

Gare de Lyon, officially Paris-Gare-de-Lyon is one of the six large mainline train stations in Paris. It handles about 90,000,000 passengers every year, making it on the top three station of France and one of the busiest in Europe.

The station is served by high-speed trains heading towards the south and east of France, as well as to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The station also hosts national trains, as well as Gare de Lyon Metro station. You can easily get to Gare de Ville Nice by train in just 6 hours.

When strolling around the Gare de Lyon/Bercy neighborhood, you’ll find yourself walking along flower-laced lanes all while walking through lively markets. When storing your bags near Gare de Lyon station, you could spend your travel day visiting the Mosquée de Paris, Promenade Plantée
or Jardin des Plantes. These are just some of the beautiful places surrounding the Gare de Lyon.


Is luggage storage service safe?

It is totally safe to store your luggage with one of the company’s that offers this service, specially LuggageHero as they seal your items carefully. You can also pay for an insurance and automatically get your items insured in case of any risk.

When do I pay?

Depending on the luggage storage service company you choose, payment is handled before you book or after you collect your bags. We would always go with payment after you collect your bags as you never know what will happen throughout your travels.

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