Luggage Storage in Rossio station

Welcome to the Rossio station in Lisbon! Store your luggage in one of many luggage storage services. Here in Knock Knock we compiled and made a chart for you to choose the best option for yourself. You can store your bags with one of luggage storage services just around the corner and enjoy your trip bags – free.

There are lot of good places to store your luggage in Rossio station. In Knock Knock we did a thorough research and we will show you few best option together with one of the cheapest but at the same time most safest company – LuggageHero.

You can store your luggage with LuggageHero just outside the station and have an amazing experience. Go enjoy the Museu Arqueológico do Carmo or other beautiful attractions in Lisbon luggage free and without worrying about your belongings.

Rossio railway station is located in the centre of Lisbon in the same named square Rossio and connects Lisbon with Sintra. Rossion station was inspired by classical 16th century portuguese Manueline architecture. The station also connects to the green line of portugal’s underground metro.

The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday from 6:45 am to 11 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 11 pm.

Can you store your bags in Rossio railway station?

You can now drop your luggage at many locations inside and near to Rossio Railway station! Knock Knock City offers factual and genuine information on affordable luggage storage rates, insurance, and a no-fee cancellation policy. We want to help you enjoy Lisbon without any trouble and luggage – free.

LuggageHero is the recommended luggage storage service by Knock Knock for your trip to Lisbon

Most of the luggage storages are half of the station luggage price. But LuggageHero has 30+ stores in Lisbon and they offer you the most flexible pricing which we think is a good choice for everyone.

With LuggageHero, prices are always a maximum of 1€ per hour or 7 per day! LuggageHero is the ONLY service offering hourly and daily rate unlike the other services.

LuggageHero is using empty space in certified shops, cafés, and hotels to store your luggage. All luggage is insured and sealed with unique security seals. This way of using local stores has increased in popularity since 2017.

LuggageHero stored luggage for 3.5 million of hour for more than 417.000 costumers.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app:

For more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app. There you can see all their locations around you.



We have a solution to your luggage storage problem 

The days of searching for luggage storage near me are over. LuggageHero is here to save your day while visiting Lisbon!

As you can see from the price chart using luggage storage service is the cheapest option compared to airport lockers which are neither flexible nor cheap. In most of the airports you need to pay for whole day fixed price even if you will use it just for 2 hours.

Looking at luggage storage facilities LuggageHero offers the most flexibility by offering both hourly and daily rate but also being able to handle differently sized luggage for example ski equipment, photo equipment, backpacks or anything else.

Frequently asked questions

1, Is it safe to store my luggage with LuggageHero?

All luggage storage locations are verified for safety and carefully trained by their team before being listed on the site. Aside from that, they provide you with individually tagged tamper-proof seals for your baggage when you arrive. To offer an extra sense of security, every bag is covered by insurance that is up to £2200 per bag if you chose if you chose to add it to your booking, but there is always a guarantee.

2, Why do you recommend LuggageHero?

LuggageHero has proven to be trustworthy by working with over 35.000 customers, having great reviews in TrustPilot and also offering both hourly and daily prices which is something other luggage storage facilities do not offer. We believe that LuggageHero will give you the best value for your money.