Luggage Storage in Gare Saint Lazare Station

Gare Saint Lazare Station

The Gare Saint-Lazare station can be found in the 8th arrondissement which is a particularly dense business and shopping area of Paris. The district is located near the Métro stations: Saint-Lazare, Europe, Havre – Caumartin and Saint-Augustin. It is the second busiest terminus station in Paris just right after Gare du Nord station.

luggage storage gare saint lazare

You can find not only 27 train platforms, but a whole shopping mall inside this station. Unfortunately, there is only one thing missing from this station and that is luggage lockers.

But needn’t you worry! Just only 4 minute walking distance away you can find multiple left luggage options!

Is there any difference between left luggage and luggage storage?

Left luggage is the luggage that people leave in an established luggage storage facility. Left luggage is mostly used in the UK. Luggage storage is a storage facility where luggage can be left. Luggage storage is the term used internationally when referring to storing luggage. To sum up, there is absolutely no difference between the two concepts. Both reflect people’s need to store luggage that can be collected later.

Luggage storage nearby Gare Saint Lazare

There are many options for luggage storage near you if you find yourself at Gare Saint Lazare in Paris. Modern travelers nowadays use luggage storage platforms and search “luggage shop near me” or “luggage storage near me” to find an available city storage location in local shops, cafes, galleries and hotels that’s tailored to suit their travel needs.  If you want to step up your research game, you can google in French. Just type consigne and the desired area, for example, “consigne Gare Saint Lazare”, like this you can find even more storage lockers in your area. 

Our recommended luggage storage service

LuggageHero is our preferred luggage storage company at Saint Lazare Station. There are several reasons for this such as the number of locations in the area and flexible pricing, and insurance policy.

LuggageHero at Gare saint lazare

One of the ways to find the closest bag storage location for you is to get the LuggageHero app or visit their website and click on the GO button.

How much does luggage storage cost?

It depends on what luggage storage service you use. However, if you go with our recommended luggage storage service LuggageHero for this particular area in Paris then you have to pay €1 for every hour of luggage storage. The maximum amount would be no more than €8 for an entire day. 

What are the opening hours of luggage storage stores?

The opening hours differ and change according to the local Hero with whom you store your suitcases, but overnight luggage storage is possible. You do, therefore, not have to pick up your luggage before closing time unless you have to use some belongings from your bags before the local shop opens again

Is LuggageHero safe to store my luggage with?

With LuggageHero you have insurance and a guarantee that your left luggage is safe. Unlike many lockers where someone can just break in and take your items. Leave your bags with a Hero and enjoy the city of Paris!

luggage storage Gare saint lazare

 Of course, it is always a good idea to check the different luggage storage service reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, Google, and other relevant pages before deciding to book. There are many luggage storage scams out there so it is important to read up a bit before making your choice.

You can read some reviews about LuggageHero if you click here!

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