Luggage Storage in Edinburgh

You’ve just arrived at Edinburgh airport and you want to start your day? That can be difficult if you can’t check-in at your rental or hotel right away and your suitcases are slowing you down. Instead, you can easily store your luggage in Edinburgh. Knock Knock City offers trustworthy information on affordable luggage storage rates, insurance, and a no-fee cancellation policy. We offer you the chance to store your bags so that you can enjoy Edinburgh unhindered. 

LuggageHero is the recommended luggage storage service for your trip to Edinburgh

Most of the luggage storages are half of the station luggage. But LuggageHero has 10+ stores in Edinburgh and they offer you the most flexible pricing which we is a good choice for all situations.

Luggage store service is half the price of station luggage and airport lockers in Edinburgh.

With LuggageHero, prices starts at £1.29 per hour or £8.95 per day! LuggageHero is the ONLY service offering hourly and daily rate unlike the other services.

LuggageHero is using empty space in certified shops, cafés, and hotels to store your luggage. All luggage is insured. This way of using local stores has increased in popularity since 2017.

LuggageHero stored luggage for 3.5 million of hour for more than 417.000 costumers.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app:

For more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app. There you can see all their locations around you.



We have a solution to your luggage storage problem 

The days of searching for luggage storage near me are over. LuggageHero is here to save your day while visiting Edinburgh!

Wondering where to leave your luggage in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Castle

National Museum of Scotland

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Murrayfield Stadium

Edinburgh Park

Wester Hailes

Tynecastle Park

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Picture this: you’ve just touched down at Edinburgh´s Airport and you are excited to explore the city during your flight connection. There’s just one thing in the way of you and your freedom: your luggage. We can relate! That’s why we provide day luggage storage in Edinburgh, as well as overnight luggage storage. 

At Knock Knock City, it’s our mission to help you have the best layover possible by providing you with the best options on short term luggage storage in Edinburgh. Our entire system is centered around the most important thing: you! 

Stow your bags near Edinburgh Castle

The central attraction of Scotland is Edinburgh Castle, which is considered to be the hallmark of the country and a real tourist mecca. The impregnable fortress, built on the top of an extinct volcano, simply fascinates with its beauty and monumentality.

Are you looking for luggage storage near Edinburgh Castle? You can store your bags at one of our luggage storage locations just around the corner and explore Edinburgh hassle-free.

LuggageHero storage sites are certified hotels, cafes, and shops. Advance bookings ensure space for your bags. The address and directions to their partner shops are available at the time of booking. All items are sealed off with security seals ensuring each piece of luggage up to €2500 once you have dropped off your bags and started the storage timer on your booking page.

Or you can easily download the LuggageHero free app and check the locations to store your luggage near you

Visit National Museum of Scotland!

The National Museum of Scotland is one of Edinburgh’s most famous attractions. The exhibits of the museum will tell you about the history of the country and interesting facts from the life of the Scots.

In 2011, 16 new galleries were opened, displaying 8,000 objects. The most interesting 36 galleries, originally brought from almost all over the world, completely different in size and character, are located in the building of the Royal Museum.

One of the most notable and interesting exhibits is a stuffed sheep Dolly – the first successful clone of an animal. Also, a large number of halls are dedicated to ancient Egypt.

You can’t miss Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh!

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is world-famous for its unique landscaping and rare plant collections. The garden is located 1 mile from the center of Edinburgh and offers fantastic city views. Its fascinating history goes back 300 years.

One of the main tasks of the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens is to preserve the diversity of plants in wildlife. To this end, the Botanical Garden cooperates closely with many foreign and international organizations.

In addition, the Botanical Garden is also a very popular place for walking and relaxing. Entrance to the garden is free, but an entrance fee is charged for visiting the greenhouses. The Palm Greenhouse, founded in 1834, is very popular. Now here it consists of 10 separate greenhouses, where a rich collection of plants from 5 climatic zones is presented.

Book online and store your bags close to Murrayfield stadium

Are you a fan of rugby and want to see the game? Murrayfield Stadium is a must-visit place.

The stadium is the home of the Scottish Rugby Union and it has been used as a rugby venue. The stadium hosts most of Scotland’s home matches, the final of the Scottish Hydro Electric Cup and European Rugby Champions Cup.

The capacity is 67,144, making it the largest stadium in Scotland and the fifth largest in the United Kingdom.


Is luggage storage service safe?

It is totally safe to store your luggage with one of the companys that offers this service, specially LuggageHero as they seal your items carefully. You can also pay for an insurance and automatically get your items insured in case of any risk.

When do i pay?

Depending on the luggage storage service company you choose, payment is handled before you book or after you collect your bags. We would always go with payment after you collect your bags as you never know what will happen throughout your travels.

Here is our list of all our top places to see in Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle, National museums, parks, and so on.

If you want more information about which places you should store your luggage and how…

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