Luggage Storage in Chicago

Guide on Chicago’s most convenient luggage storage locations and information on where to drop off your bags so you can enjoy your day. Starts from just $0.95/hour. Store your baggage today!

LuggageHero is the best luggage storage provider for Times Square

We chose LuggageHero as the best option for luggage storage in Chicago after analyzing factors such as the number of luggage storage sites near Chicago, proximity, luggage safety, and the ease of the online booking procedure. We wish you a fantastic journey with less luggage rolling.

LuggageHero and NannyBag, for example, allow passengers to leave their bags in a secure restaurant, hotel, or bar, offering lower pricing and greater flexibility than standard luggage storage facilities.

Customers with LuggageHero can pay just for the time their luggage is stored, whereas Radical Storage offers a one-time fee for the first 24 hours. The hours of operation vary depending on the local establishment where you store your bags.

LuggageHero stored luggage for 3.5 million hours for more than 417.000 customers.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app:

For more comfort and ease, you can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app. There you can see all their locations around you.


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We have a solution to your luggage storage problem 

The days of searching for luggage storage near me are over. LuggageHero is here to save your day while visiting Chicago!

Can you store luggage in Chicago?

You can now keep your luggage in many convenient places around Chicago. Knock Knock City offers information on flexible, secure luggage storage at a low price with up to $3000 of insurance per bag. Store your bags at our convenient locations so you can enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.
We want to make your bag storage in Chicago an easy, stress-free experience!

LuggageHero stores luggages of all sizes and shapes

There are no size restrictions, whether its ski equipment, photography equipment, backpacks, etc. No matter what you store, LuggageHero customers have the option of paying by the hour or by the day.

Your luggage can be stored with us for several days

Dont worry! LuggageHero offers flexibility to store bags for more days if needed. The daily charge is reduced if a customer needs to store bags for a longer period of time. Customers simply have to pay $5.95 per bag each day after the second day.

Wondering where to leave your luggage in Chicago?

Here is the location where you can store your bags for a few hours or days:

Luggage Storage Millennium Park

Illinois Medical District

Chicago Stadium

Knock Knock City Provides You With Information on Luggage Storage in Chicago

Chicago is a paradise for the curious, the cultured, the foodies, and the adventurous alike. You may have come to The Windy City for any number of different reasons, from trying their famous pizza to experiencing the Chicago Riverwalk or Lincoln Park Zoo. But no matter what you plan to do, your day can really be thrown off by having to drag your luggage everywhere you go. With the closure of Chicago O’Hare’s luggage storage, there’s a general lack of options out there for storing your bags. But not for long!

Chicago Bag Storage Guide

Luggage Storage Near Union Station

One of Chicago’s premier areas to explore and stretch your legs after a long flight is Grant Park. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Grant Park offers walking and biking trails, playgrounds, close access to food places, and attractions like museums and aquariums. An easy way to visit Grant Park is via the Amtrak system that runs through Union Station. Conveniently, they also offer luggage storage there! If you have a ticket, they’ll charge you $10 per bag to store your luggage for the day. If you don’t have a ticket, they still allow you to store your bag, but charge $20 for a day of storage.

However, we see the price offered by Amtrak as high and this is primarily, because of the alternatives out there on the market. We have reviewed them and we consider LuggageHero as the luggage storage option that you should go for. The price is from 0,95$/hour and 7.95$/day is perfect for the travelers pocket and on top of that the luggage is always stored in a secured manner. LuggageHero ensures that bags are taken care of by certifying the locations, where the baggage is stored, but also offers insurance up to $3000 per bag, if something happens. Check LuggageHero’s locations in Chicago here.

LuggageHero testimonials:

“Awesome first experience – The store team excellent and great with communication 🌻 Have a blessed day” – Nefataria

Stored on Oct 20, 2020

“Easy and convenient – So easy and convenient to drop bags and have hands free for the remainder of the afternoon until ready to head to the airport. A must for those with early checkout times” – Steven Spafford

Stored 3 bags on Oct 5, 2020

Name: LuggageHero 
Type: Luggage Storage Service 
Type of storage: Hourly, daily or longer 
Price: From 0.95$ per hour, 7.95$ per day 

Name: Union Station
Type: Public transportation
Address: 225 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60606
Type of storage: Daily
Price: $10 for ticket holders, $20 if no ticket

Name: Grant Park
Type: Park
Address: 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601
Offerings: Walking and biking trails, playgrounds, art, food
Price: Free

Luggage Storage at LaSalle Station

If you need to store your bags or suitcases near LaSalle Street Station, we would again recommend LuggageHero! There are 2 locations near the stations, where your bags will be kept safe, while you explore Chicago. LuggageHero offers the price of $1/hour per bag, which we see as more than attractive! Check the luggage storage locations here.

LuggageHero testimonials:

“Useful service – The whole experience with LuggageHero was good and the store that kept my suitcase was very efficient.” – Javier V

Stored on Jan 25, 2020

Name: LuggageHero 
Type: Luggage Storage Service 
Type of storage: Hourly, daily or longer 
Price: Only 0.95$ per hour, 7.95$ per day 

Luggage Storage at Chicago Museums

Chicago has a wide variety of museums that span everything from nature and science to contemporary art to surgical history – and beyond! No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find a museum that will entertain you for hours. Several museums even offer luggage storage. The Art Institute of Chicago ($1/bag, cash only), the Field Museum of Natural History ($3 per bag), and The Museum of Science and Industry ($3/item) all offer a place to check your luggage for a small additional fee. Generally, these check rooms are only for use by visitors of the museum.

Name: The Art Institute of Chicago
Type: Art museum
Address: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603
Type of storage: Daily, for museum visitors only
Price: $1 per bag, cash only

Name: Field Museum of Natural History
Type: Natural history museum
Address: 1400 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605
Type of storage: Daily, for museum visitors only
Price: $3 per bag

Name: The Museum of Science and Industry
Type: Science museum
Address: 5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637
Type of storage: Daily, for museum visitors only
Price: $3 per bag

Other Luggage Storage Options in Chicago

Chicago is currently struggling with a lack of luggage storage options. As we said LuggageHero is our top pick for luggage storage, because it has stored baggage more than 2 million hours and is having more than 50000 reviews and rating of 4.7. You can always see, if their locations are comfortable for you by reviewing them here.

Alternatively, you can always try to asks some hotels and museums, if they could offer the service for you. Many hotels will store your bags, if you plan to check in later that day, or if you’ve checked out but still want to do some sightseeing before your flight. Some hotels with membership programs, such as Marriott, may also be willing to store luggage for their rewards members even if you’re not staying with them. Check with the front desk to see what they can do for you.

There’s Something for Everyone in Chicago

Affectionately dubbed “The Windy City” by locals and visitors alike, Chicago is famed for its stunning architecture, tall skyscrapers, and incredible museums. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, it also offers opportunities for fishing and boating. And let’s not forget about its world-famous pizzas and other foods, which will leave you wishing for a larger stomach!

A Crash Course in Chicago Travel

One of the first things to be aware of when visiting Chicago is that it can get very cold there. If you’re visiting during the late fall and winter months, we highly recommend bringing hats, gloves, closed-toed shoes, and a warm coat. Chicago has reliable cab services, just make sure to tip the standard rate of 15% to your driver afterward. Or, if you plan to do a lot of traveling within the city, your cheapest option is probably to buy an unlimited pass for the L (elevated train) or bus system.

Things To Do In Chicago

If you’re only in Chicago for a couple of hours and just want to get a good walk in before catching your next flight, we recommend going straight to Millenium Park. Here, you can enjoy public art, sculpture, free activities, and more! Don’t forget to check out the iconic Cloud Gate while you’re there. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll really enjoy the Garfield Park Conservatory, where you can explore several rooms full of exotic plants, art, and even an indoor lake. And don’t forget about Chicago’s amazing selection of world-class museums. The Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Science and Industry are just the tip of the iceberg!

Name: Millennium Park
Type: Park
Address: 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602
Offerings: Walking and biking, art and sculpture, food
Price: Free-$

Name: Garfield Park Conservatory
Type: Park
Address: 300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60624
Offerings: Rare/exotic plant viewing, indoor lake, athletic fields
Price: Free, but groups of 10+ must book ahead of time

Shopping in Chicago

If you’re a shopping aficionado, we recommend jumping in a cab and going straight to The Magnificent Mile. Besides being renowned as one of the most incredible city avenues in the world, it’s also shopper’s paradise. Over 460 stores (and 270 restaurants) are packed into this 13-block stretch of Michigan Avenue. Whether it’s designer clothes, shoes for all occasions, souvenirs, artwork, or household decor, we have no doubt that you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for and more.

Name: The Magnificent Mile
Type: Neighborhood
Offerings: Architecture, lodging, shopping, retail, food, drink, entertainment
Price: $-$$$$

Places To Eat And Drink

No trip to Chicago would be complete without trying one of their famous pizzas! You’ll be able to find a pizza place that fits every budget and palette, but if you need a suggestion, we recommend Bongiorno’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria. They’re affordable, delicious, and serve large portion sizes. If you’re craving an All-American, all-vegan meal, try The Chicago Diner. Breakfast lovers will want to try the unique pancakes and waffles at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. And if you’re craving exotic tastes, try the delicious Indian and Nepali offerings at the Chicago Curry House.

Name: Bongiorno’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria
Type: Restaurant
Address: 405 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
Offerings: Italian cuisine
Price: $

Name: The Chicago Diner
Type: Vegeterian restaurant
Address: 2333 N. Milwaukee Ave
Offerings: Vegetarian and vegan takes on classic American recipes
Price: $$

Name: Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe
Type: Breakfast restaurant
Address: 130 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601
Offerings: Breakfast foods
Price: $$

Name: Chicago Curry House
Type: Asian restaurant
Address: 899 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60605
Offerings: Thai, Nepalese, and Indian food
Price: $$


Where can I store my luggage in Chicago?

We recommend using LuggageHero, when storing your bags in Chicago. You can check LuggageHero’s locations in Chicago here. However, LuggageHero’s network in Chicago is still not covering every location in the city, but you can alternatively ask in some of the hotels and museums around you, if they can keep your bags for a fee.

How much does it cost to store baggage in Chicago?

There are some alternatives for luggage storage in Chicago, if you decide to store your bags in Union Station for example with Amtrak it will cost you either $10/day or $20/day, depending on if you have ticket or not. However, with LuggageHero you can store your bags for only $1.29/hour per item stored and for not more than $8/day.