Luggage Storage in Aarhus

Guide 2023: Luggage storage Aarhus

You are planning to visit one of the cosiest cities in Denmark, (we believe you heard the word ”hygge” before), where the main sights are located within a walking distance such as the Aarhus Art Museum, Den Gamle By, Friheden Tivoli or The Botanical Garden. The city or Aarhus region overall is full of everlasting possibilities whether you are more into art, nature or speed and fun. 

We will guide you through must-have places to visit in Aarhus and how to do that hassle-free.

Where to keep your luggage in Aarhus?

Based on KnockKnock research the best option is LuggageHero. They have flexible pricing, rate options, luggage insurance, no size limits and one of the easiest online booking processes! On the other hand, you can store your bag at the Aarhus Central Station in storage lockers. It is activated electronically and you pay based on the size of your luggage.


LuggageHero is the luggage storage service that offers you to choose between hourly or daily rates in Aarhus. Prices per hour start from 7.95 DKK or 74.95 DKK per day!

Storage for a longer period

Do you need to store your bag for longer than 24h? LuggageHero is flexible and after your first 24, they charge only 49.5 DKK per additional day! 


LuggageHero provides insurance that covers up to 18,000 DKK for your bag while being stored. 

All sizes are welcome

There are no restrictions on the size of your luggage, whether it’s a backpack, a trolley or sports equipment. You choose what you want to store and how you want to pay, whether pay per hour or daily. 

Download the LuggageHero App and discover the Luggage storage near you!

Everlasting possibilities in Aarhus

Aarhus Art Museum

If you want to experience the cultural side of Aarhus, then you can visit a unique international art museum for young as old. One of the largest art museums in Northern Europe, Aarhus Art Museum and explore Your rainbow panorama! 

The Old Town Museum 

Take your family on a journey back in time and explore urban history and culture in Denmark through three time periods at Den Gamle By

Friheden Tivoli

Yes, the Tivoli theme park is not only in Copenhagen! Make sure to visit Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus and have a lot of fun! You can find all kinds of attractions, enjoy live concerts or dine in one of the restaurants in Tivoli Friheden.

The Botanical Garden

For nature lovers, there is just a perfect spot called The Botanical Garden located in the center. Open all year round, so you would have a chance to explore it every season!