Where to Store Luggage Near Yankee Stadium?

Luggage storage near Yankee Stadium 

Batter Up! 

Yankee Stadium and the surrounding area has become a go-to spot for tourists and locals alike to join in on the excitement and the history of this epic and legendary stadium. 

Have time before the game? Check out the Bronx Museum of the Arts, an internationally recognized cultural destination that presents innovative contemporary art exhibitions and educational programs. Founded in 1971, the Museum has played a crucial role in the Bronx by making art accessible to the entire community. For more information, visit www.bronxmuseum.com.

In addition, near Yankee Stadium you will find the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage at Poe Park. If you are a fan of his literary genius, take time to see the white farmhouse in the Bronx where Edgar Allen Poe lived in 1846 with his family and where he penned such famous works as “The Bells,” “Eureka,” and “Annabel Lee”. For more information, visit https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/poe-park

Whether you are wanting to catch a game, enjoy the area, or are waiting for your room to be ready, you don’t want to be carrying your luggage and bags around! Let Knock Knock City help! Near Yankee Stadium we have a drop off location for any baggage or luggage you may not want to bring along with you. You can store your bags or luggage for only $2 per hour or $10 per night per bag. 

Enjoy the city (and the game) with your hands free by using our convenient, cost-efficient and secure locations. We are here so you can be there. 

Listed below are the names and locations of drop off spots you can visit: