Where to Store Luggage Near Port Authority?

Knock Knock City offers luggage storage in Port Authority to drop off your bags for an hour or day. 
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The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the largest and the busiest bus terminal in the United States. 

This bus terminal, serving 200,000 riders daily, is always on the go and ready to take you wherever your destination may be. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is located on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street, which positions it a very convenient location if you’re visiting Times Square. The bus terminal is open and operates 24-hours a day, however from 1am-6am, all departures are exclusively from the North Wing. Also, from 1am-5am, only ticketed passengers are allowed inside the terminal with the only entrance that is open is the one on 8th Avenue. 

In addition to the numerous shows and performances you will encounter near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you will also find Gulliver’s Gate. Here you will leave the world you are in and immerse yourself in a world of miniature models and beautifully crafted cities all over the earth (NYC included). You will travel to places like Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia, Europe and New England. Bags and luggage are not allowed inside the exhibit; therefore the Knock Knock City drop off point at the Port Authority is the perfect location to store your belongings until after your adventure. For more information on tickets and pricing for Gulliver’s Gate, please visit http://gulliversgate.com.

And for all of you baseball fans out there, right near the Port Authority is The Yankees Clubhouse Shop. This is the official vendor of New York Yankees where you can find apparelsouvenirs, and other Yankee collectibles. Everything showcases the team’s logo; from hats and mugs to posters and even hammers! If you are looking for something more personal than a t-shirt or hat, authentic, customizable jerseys with your favorite player’s number are also readily available. Memorabilia fanatics can drool over bats, balls, and photos signed by past and present Yankee greats. And if you’d rather see your favorite player in action, you can also purchase tickets right up until game time! There is nothing to be sad about here if you are a Yankees fan because there is no crying in baseball! 

Even though you are enjoying both of these places, make sure you aren’t stuck carrying heavy luggage or shopping bags that can weigh you down and hinder your travel and fun. This is where Knock Knock City comes to the rescue. At Port Authority, we provide a drop off location for any baggage or luggage you may not want to bring along with you on these adventures. If you are wondering where to leave your luggage or where to drop off your bags, there is baggage storage available for your convenience. Whether you are waiting to check into your hotel or Airbnb, there are places to store luggage at Port Authority. 

Enjoy the city hands-free with our convenient, cost-efficient and secure location. We are here so you can be there.

Listed below are the names and locations of drop off spots you can visit:


Luggage storage near Times Square / Port Authority 

H&M Gift & Luggage 
Gift shop 
723 8th Avenue, New York, NY, United States 


Whiles storing your bags here, take a look around at the many items of clothing, luggage etc. they have to offer their customers. There are many different gifts available for you to purchase. 

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