Where to Store Luggage in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco?

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With nearly 25.6 tourists visiting the San Francisco area each year, the Haight Ashbury area becomes one of the must-see sections of the city.

Named for the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets, it is also called The Haight and The Upper Haight


The neighborhood is known for its hippie counterculture.

Haight Ashbury has a lot of character and intriguing history. One of these is The Grateful Dead House. For fans of the Grateful Dead, no visit to Haight-Ashbury is complete without stopping by the house where the band’s five founders lived in during the 1960s. Located at 710 Asbury Street, the Victorian-style home was one of many throughout the Haight-Ashbury District, that provided affordable housing to the thousands of youth drawn to the district by infectious energy and radical ideas. The spirit of the era lives on through the Grateful Dead’s music and its identity as a band. The house acts not only as a tribute to a group of musicians but also as a proud reminder of the neighborhood’s heritage. Come out and rock out! 

If quiet venues are more your style, don’t miss out on The Booksmith. As digital sources gradually replace the printed word, it has become increasingly difficult to find a quality bookstore. But for the millions of people who still prefer reading the printed word, search no further than 1644 Haight Street. The Booksmith is an independent bookstore that actively contributes to Haight-Ashbury’s counterculture sense of community by hosting non-profit events, such as author readings and book exchanges. With its vast array of reading materials and calming atmosphere, The Booksmith provides the perfect alternative to both crowds which include e-readers. To read more into this quaint bookstore, please check out http://www.booksmith.com/.

If you’ve got a few hours to kill, check out the funky, local tours led by Wild SF Tours. Think food crawls, creepy ghost tours, free tours and radical neighborhood history shared by local artists and activists! 

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