Where to Store Luggage in Greenpoint?

Greenpoint has been receiving a transformation over the years. 

Though an industrial feeling remains in parts of Greenpoint, the flow of new travelers and residents has positively changed the area’s character and personality bringing new faces and new experiences. Tourists and locals alike are sure to enjoy the cuisine and charming neighborhood venues. No matter your preference, whether it is traditional or contemporary, Greenpoint’s overall welcoming demeanor present the perfect relaxing opportunity.

Also in Greenpoint, you will find a quaint little bookstore called WORD. This charming bookstore is the perfect spots to become entranced in book talks presented by up-and-coming authors and illustrators or to find a quiet and serene place to get lost in a story. You can immerse yourself in thousands of novels or grab yourself a cup of coffee and a pastry at the café. If you are searching for relaxation, WORD is where you can find it. For more information on this venue, you can go to www.wordbookstores.com.

After reading a book at WORD, you can head on over to The Gutter Bowling Alley and Bar. This Greenpoint bar scene adds a unique twist, which features eight bowling lanes. In addition to hurling some balls, there are special events every week to include those patrons who may not enjoy throwing heavy objects down a lane repeatedly. The atmosphere is inclusive and exciting and offers a little something for everyone. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit their website at www.thegutterbrooklyn.com

Even though you are enjoying both of these places, make sure you aren’t stuck carrying heavy luggage that can weigh you down and hinder your travel and fun. This is where Knock Knock City comes to the rescue. At Greenpoint, we have a drop off location for any baggage or luggage you may not want to bring along with you on these adventures. If you are wondering where to leave your luggage or where to drop off your bags, there is baggage storage available for your convenience. Whether you are waiting to check into your hotel or Airbnb, there are places to store luggage in Greenpoint.

Enjoy the city hands-free with our convenient, cost-efficient and secure location. We are here so you can be there. 

Listed below are the names and locations of drop off spots you can visit:


Luggage storage near Greenpoint 

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988 Manhattan Avenue 2nd floor 11222 Brooklyn NY