What Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In NYC?

Without a doubt, NYC has some of the best sights and experiences to take enjoy. 

There is so much to see, and you are never at a loss for something to do. Being “The City That Never Sleeps”, New York City lives up to its name, as it is 24/7 hustlebustleand excitement. The best way to enjoy NYC to the fullest is to store your baggage, shopping bags and luggage in one of the Knock Knock City host locations for a few hours. Once your bags have been safely dropped off and stored at one of our locations, here are a few ideas and suggestions for where to head next within the city:


#1New York Hop On/Hop Off Sight Seeing Ferry: Explore Manhattan and Brooklyn by land and sea as this convenient ferry tour takes you to some of the most well-known sites in the city. To learn more about these tours visit https://www.newyorksightseeing.com/nyc-tours/cruises-in-new-york.html

#2Madison Square Garden: Whether you are searching for excitement through a sports game or concert, Madison Square Garden delivers on levels you only imagined possible to create your perfect outing. For events and times visit https://www.msg.com/madison-square-garden

#3Brooklyn Heights Promenade: Integrate history with beauty as you take in one of the finest views of New York City from the breathtaking Brooklyn Heights Promenade. To experience this photographic masterpiece visit https://www.nycgovparks.org/about/history/historical-signs/listings?id=136


#19/11 Memorial: Take a moment to reflect and remember that infamous day in September 2001 when the course of history changed forever, and heroism prevailed. For more information visit https://www.911memorial.org/

#2The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Take your imagination on a journey through color, beauty, and interpretation as you make your way through this creative cultivation of artistic genius. To learn how you can experience visit https://www.metmuseum.org/

#3American Museum of Natural History: Take a trip back in time as you find yourself in the midst of dinosaurs, mummies, and presidents in this fantastic presentation of historic proportions. To buy a ticket for this trip visit https://www.amnh.org/


#1Daniel: From elegant and exquisite interior decoration to the indulgent European cuisine and wine cellar, Daniel is by far a dining experience of culinary masterpieces. To make your reservation visit https://www.danielnyc.com/

#2Bleecker Street Pizza: A slice of heaven served on a plate, Bleecker Street Pizza offers one of Italy’s most well-known dishes right in the center of NYC. To learn more about their menu visit http://www.bleekerstreetpizza.org/

#3Serendipity 3: Satisfy your sweet tooth at this sensationally satisfying and delectable discovery right in the middle of the action. To find the perfection of your choosing visit http://www.serendipity3.com/