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Opened in 1898, the historic Boston Terminal Company, formed to develop South Union Station, which was comprised of The New Haven RailroadThe Boston and Albany Railroad CompanyThe New England Railroad CompanyThe Boston and Providence Railroad Corporation and the Old Colony Railroad Company

Due to railroad industry consolidation, by the time of the station’s dedication, there would only be two players left out of the original group of five. With nearly 19 million tourists visiting Boston each year (not including residents), the need for convenient and trustworthy transportation was important to the business of the city. If you find yourself wondering, “Where can I store my luggage near South Station, Boston?” we provide a drop off location to leave luggage or baggage you may not want to bring along with you while sightseeing. 

It now serves thousands of commuters, travelers, shoppers, and diners each day. Amtrak, MBTA rapid transit, and MBTA commuter rail all serve the station daily. Regional coach services are available in the adjacent South Station Bus Terminal Building. One area you can visit while you are near the South Station is the Financial District. The Financial District of Boston is located in the downtown area near Government Center and Chinatown. Feel free to leave your baggage at one of Knock Knock City’s drop off locations in South Station before wandering around the town. 

The area includes Post Office Square, the Exchange Place, the International Place complexes, and the landmark Custom House Tower. The Financial District is a mix of old and new, from the Old State House, Bell-in-Hand Tavern to the Frost Ice Loft and Howl at the Moon. Shoppers can browse for Boston keepsakes, one-of-a-kind gifts and the latest fashions along a bustling pedestrian mall. Some of Boston’s oldest landmarks can also be found here, including the 18th-century Old South Meeting House, where a meeting of more than 5,000 colonists resulted in the Boston Tea Party of 1773. From hotels, to dining, to drinks, there is more than enough indulgence and history to keep you intrigued. For more information on what the Financial District has to offer, visit 

After dropping your bags in short term storage in South Station, take the opportunity to visit Boston’s Chinatown. Chinatown is rich with history, tradition, excitement, gifts, culture, and great food. Tourists flock from all over the world to see the Chinese culture behind Chinatown’s walls. Boston’s Chinatown is the third largest Chinatown in the United States. It’s located conveniently at the edge of Boston’s downtown shopping and financial districts allowing you to walk right into the town. You will pass through the traditional Boston Chinatown’s opening gate when entering. It was designed to ward off evil using two Foo lions on either side of the entrance gate. You can celebrate many Chinese holidays throughout the year when you visit Boston’s Chinatown such as the Chinese New Year and other festivals for their culture. They welcome tourists, and provide the most when it comes to entertainment, food, and good old-fashioned fun. They have booths set up for games and gifts for the whole family. If you’re a tourist then this is the place to get souvenirs for the whole family back home, due to the great items that are traditional, handmade, and affordable. For more information, visit 

Did you know that there are baggage storage providers and lockers available to store your baggage? If you are touring both of these campuses, carrying heavy luggage will weigh you down and possibly hinder your travel and fun. You may want to consider using short term luggage storage in South Station

Curious about where to leave your luggage or where to drop off your bags while you are waiting to check into your hotel or Airbnb or explore the city, there are places to store luggage and baggage in South Station. There are short-term luggage storage locations in South Station! So, if you want to know where to store your luggage before checking into your hotel or Airbnb, let Knock Knock City come to the rescue with our convenient drop off service. 

Enjoy the city hands-free with our convenient, cost-efficient and secure location. We’re here so you can be there. 

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