Luggage Storage in San Francisco | Near Caltrain

Nearly 30 million travelers visit San Francisco annually. 

That is quite a large number of people coming in and out of the city at any given time. 


This figure doesn’t include the residents and daily commuters as well. 

Due to the high number of travelers, there has to be a train that the people can trust to get them to their destinations on time and with accuracy. There are many exciting and intriguing places to visit within the San Francisco area that you don’t want to miss. From shops, to restaurants, to shows, to perfect photography locations, there is something for everyone to take advantage of while you are enjoying your time in the San Francisco area. 

Moving those 30 million people is no easy task, or so you think. That is where Caltrain comes into play. Caltrain is one of the main hubs for travelers in San Francisco. Set your trip into motion by dropping your bags off at our Knock Knock City location near San Francisco and set off on your adventure hands-free.

With a whopping 150 years of peninsula commuter service

Caltrain is very pleased to be celebrating 150 years of the Peninsula Commute Service in 2014. This is a major milestone for Caltrain, especially as they look forward to Caltrain train Modernization in the coming years. San Francisco is excited to celebrate the history of this incredible piece of American history that is still serving Bay Area residents today. Caltrain will deliver you safely to many different locations safely and securely. Whether you are wanting to see an Anaheim Ducks game or a San Francisco Giants game, Caltrain is the mode of transportation you need to take a ride on. Not only does it offer you various destinations, but also speedy access to its trains. For more information on schedules and destinations with Caltrain, visit 

After dropping your bags in short term storage near San Francisco, jumping aboard the train to the destination you desire, you may want to take a moment to have it drop you off at Levi’s Stadium. 

If you find yourself wondering, “Where can I Store my luggage near San Francisco?” we provide a drop off location to leave luggage or baggage you may not want to bring along with you on your adventure to the stadium. This is the stadium where the national champion San Francisco 49’ers play. Not only is it the place for incredible football, but on any given day, you can find concerts, monster truck rallies and professional soccer games. This would be the ideal photo-op experience, and the caltrain can drop you off right at the stadium…anything for the residents and visitors of San Francisco. For more information on the stadium and its events, visit

If you’ve got a few hours to kill, check out the funky, local tours led by Wild SF Tours. Think food crawls, creepy ghost tours, free tours and radical neighborhood history shared by local artists and activists! 

Did you know that there are baggage storage providers and lockers available to store your baggage? If you are touring both of these campuses, carrying heavy luggage will weigh you down and possibly hinder your travel and fun. You may want to consider using short term luggage storage near San Francisco. 

Curious about where to leave your luggage or where to drop off your bags while you are waiting to check into your hotel or airbnb or explore the city, there are places to store luggage and baggage near San Francisco. There are short-term luggage storage locations near San Francisco! So, if you want to know where to store your luggage before checking into your hotel or airbnb, let Knock Knock City come to the rescue with our convenient drop off service. 

Enjoy the city hands free with our convenient, cost efficient and secure location. We’re here so you can be there.