Boston Common Neighborhood Guide | Luggage Storage Suggestions

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Boston Common became a stage for free speech and public assembly in 1634 and has now become a popular travel destination with nearly 19 million tourists visiting Boston each year. 

Boston Common takes pride in the title of “Oldest Park in America”, and provides tourists with beautiful scenery and history lessons around every turn. Take a walk back in time beneath a canopy of trees and on cobblestone streets that could tell centuries of stories. In addition to the historic features of the town, there are also many other enjoyable activities to indulge in. From restaurants to breweries to shopping, you are never at a loss for something exciting and intriguing in downtown Boston. 

If you are searching for a unique shopping excursion, Downtown Crossing is a must. Downtown Crossing is a shopping district in downtown Boston located just east of Boston Common and west of the Financial District. If you are weighed down with luggage while waiting for your room to become available, you may store your luggage with Knock Knock City short term, to free up your hands for more bags from your favorite stores. 

This particular shopping venue features large department stores as well as restaurantssouvenir sellersgeneral retail establishments, and street vendors. The section of Washington Street between Temple and Bromfield streets (and portions of Winter and Summer streets) are closed to most vehicular traffic. Pedestrians may walk freely in the streets while searching for the perfect store and purchase. For more information on this area of Boston, please visit 

If you find yourself wondering, “Where can I store my luggage at Boston Common?”we provide a drop off location to leave luggage or baggage that you may not want to bring along with you on these shopping adventures. 

If you are looking for something to wet your whistle after spending hours of shopping, stop in at the Samuel Adams Brewery. Drop your baggage off at one of our storage locations and then head off to relax and unwind. Despite its location outside of the city center, touring the Samuel Adams Brewery is a must for beer lovers. This brewery’s location is the smallest of the brand’s three sites, but acts as Samuel Adam’s testing facility for new and specialty brews. It’s also the only of the three locals to host public tours and tastings. Cold weather or warm weather, there is an exceptional Samuel Adams beer for you to enjoy while planning your next adventure, or reminiscing over past trips. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, odds are you’ll enjoy exploring the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. To learn more about the brewery and its specialty beers, visit 

Carrying heavy luggage through Downtown Crossing and the Samuel Adams Brewery is the last thing you’ll want to do! It will weigh you down and possibly hinder your travel and fun. In fact, did you know that there are baggage storage providers and lockers available to store your baggage? 

Curious about where to leave your luggage or where to drop off your bags while you are waiting to check into your hotel or Airbnb or explore the city, there are places to store luggage and baggage in Boston Common. There are short-term luggage storage locations in Boston Common! So, if you want to know where to store your luggage before checking into your hotel or Airbnb, let Knock Knock City come to the rescue with our convenient drop off service. 

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