5 Smart Travelling Tips For All The Places You’ll Go

You have spent the past year planning for your trip. The destination has been determined, the hotel has been decided and the dates of travel have been blocked out on the calendar. Now all you need for your specific getaway vacation is a plan in place for the best travel experience possible. 

That is where the following tips will come in handy. 

So, remember to pack these along with your toothbrush:

Pack Smart:
Step 1: Gather all the garments you anticipate needing. Then put half of them back. Select clothes in the same color family, packing more tops than bottoms. The average 22-inch check-in bag fits roughly two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, two dresses, and five shirts.

Step 2: Choose knits, wools, and cottons. These fabrics tend to resist wrinkles and are versatile (some garments can do double duty, like yoga pants that moonlight as pajamas).

Step 3: Roll softer garments and fold stiffer ones. Underwear, T-shirts, jeans, cotton pants, and knitwear won’t wrinkle when rolled tightly. Stiffer fabrics, such as starched cotton shirts, blazers, dressy pants, and skirts, should be carefully folded.

Step 4: Arrange your bag. Think of your suitcase as a three-layer cake. The suitcase is the icing; the rolled items make up the first layer. For your (cream filling) middle layer, start with the longest items, like skirts and slacks. Stack the garments on top of each other, alternating waists with hems. Position the pile flush with the suitcase, draping leftover fabric over the opposite end.

Step 5: Cover the pile with a dry-cleaning bag. It’s like Botox for your clothes. Because of the bag’s slippery surface, folded clothes don’t stay in one place long enough for creases to set. Easy upgrade: Place a bag between each layer of clothing. To get to a certain layer easily, simply pull the ends of the bag up on either side.
Step 6: Top the pile with the clothes you’ll need first. Anything goes with your top layer―a bathing suit or pajamas.

Score cheaper tickets:
There are quite a few ways to save on flight tickets while doubling down your adventure. From knowing what days are cheapest to fly, to watching what you type in search engines, to using travel agents and flying local airlines, there are a plethora of easily accessible tips. One website to check out before you check in is https://thriftynomads.com/booking-cheapest-flight-possible-anywhere/

Hands full? Check out luggage storage!
Once you have landed in NYC, one of the last things you want to do is tote your luggage all over the Big Apple while waiting for your hotel or Airbnb check in. That is where Knock Knock City is here so you can be there. Leave your baggage with us, safe and secure, and then go grab you a local nosh or just browse the stores.  Keep your hands and mind clear while being luggage and worry free. Go here to store your bags: https://knockknock.city 

Don’t be a drag with jet lag!
Hopping on a plane and flying any direction can leave you a bit tired and lethargic, but there are many ways to avoid this little travel hiccup. A few things to make sure you do are getting plenty of sleepavoiding caffeine/alcoholsetting your watch and trying to not arrive at your destination at night. There are quite a few other tips you can look at and prepare with at  https://www.skyscanner.net/news/jetlag-15-tips-beating-timezone-tiredness

Traveling doesn’t have to be unhealthy.
From packing your own travel snacks, to exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables, it is imperative to stay healthy while traveling and is key to you enjoying your time. If your body is hurting, your vacation could too, so make sure you are getting the rest you need and staying travel readymentally and physically. To know what you should be doing to make your trip and body top notch, visit https://www.wellplated.com/tips-to-stay-healthy-while-traveling/