5 End-to-End Solutions that Simplify Every Aspect of Your Short-Term Rental Business

How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges of Vacation Rental Management Through Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace

Guesty's Marketplace

If you manage multiple properties, then you know how hard it can be to coordinate every aspect of renting them out. This is especially true when it comes to the short-term stays that are common of most vacation rental properties. 

But luckily, Guesty has your back! They provide end-to-end services that streamline the rental process, including check-in, communicating with your guests, advertising across multiple channels, calendaring, and more.

Guesty provides access to this huge variety of helpful services through their Integrations Marketplace. Here, you can find all the solutions you need to operate your properties smoothly. And with the Guesty app, you’ll be able to manage all of the important parts of your rentals from one convenient place – whether that be your phone, tablet, or computer!

Here are some common problems that property owners and managers face when renting, especially if they’re going the AirBNB route:
Not enough revenue – there’s a lot of time and money that goes into cleaning, maintaining, and advertising a property, which can significantly cut into your profit margins.
Complex accounting – it can be hard to keep track of profit and expenses with just one property, and the more you own, the trickier it gets.
Cyclicality/lack of bookings – There are busy seasons, and there are slow seasons – and it’s tough to keep a property profitable when the majority of people aren’t traveling. 
The everyday woes of management – Bookings, checking guests in and out, cleaning several properties, making repairs, inspections… the list goes on! 
– Standing out – With millions of listings out there to choose from, it’s important to make your property shine. But how do you make yourself stand out?

Guesty provides simple solutions to all of these problems. In this article, we’ll discuss how they can help you smoothly manage your properties through their app.

1. Increase Revenue 

In almost all cases, one of the most foolproof ways to increase your revenue is to increase your advertising. Guesty has partnered with no less than five booking platforms to help you get your rentals seen by as many people as possible. 

Airbnb – Just about everyone has heard of Airbnb, and it’s widely used by travelers across the world. This peer-to-peer booking system is one of the best ways to get your rental seen and booked.
Booking.com – Not only does Booking.com provide a huge selection of hotels, but they also showcase and book other lodging options as well. That’s great news for you, because it means that thousands of potential customers are seeing your property!
Agoda – Agoda is Asia’s leading booking platform, with millions of users per year. Through Guesty, you can get your property in front of a huge audience of international travelers via Agoda!
TripAdvisor – Hugely popular for travelers and local businesses alike, TripAdvisor is the perfect place to advertise your properties.
Misterbnb – A relatively new platform, Misterbnb primarily caters to gay men who are looking for lodging. It’s based in France, and caters to a worldwide audience.

Through Guesty, you can manage all of your listing through these huge channels in one convenient place.

Increase Revenue

2. Save Time 

One of the most time-consuming parts of renting properties is keeping up on all the accounting that goes with it. This is especially true when you’re renting your properties to short-term vacationers who come and go within a matter of days. 

Guesty has partnered with BookingTrust, a cloud-based accounting software that can take care of all your accounting needs. This includes holding deposits, dealing with add-on fees and cancellations, and more! Keep your cashflow and records all in one streamlined place – right next to everything else you need to successfully manage your properties.

Save time

3. Increase Bookings 

One of the best ways to reliably increase bookings year-round is to keep up on price changes in your area. Researching that can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you own properties in several different places. But luckily, Guesty can help once again through their partner companies!

Beyond PricingWheelhouse, and PriceLabs all use sophisticated algorithms to help you successfully book your short-term rental. They all recommend dynamic pricing that will help you maximize profit no matter what time of the year it may be. To make your life even easier, you can even choose to have them automatically raise and lower prices for you!

Increase Bookings

4. Streamline Operations

There’s a lot of work that goes into the day-to-day running of a short-term booking property (as you’re probably very aware). Through Guesty and their partners, you can simplify the check-in, cleaning, and check-out processes.

Operto – When it comes to automation, these guys cover just about everything – from temperature control, to keyless entrance, to ensuring guest compliance and more!
Properly – If you need professional cleaning services, this is the place to come. Here, you will find reliable service providers that can take care of your properties in between guests.
VirtualKey and viKey – Both of these companies specialize in making your smart property work for you by allowing your guests easy access when they arrive. They make access and security a breeze!
Wishbox – There’s a lot that goes into checking a guest in, and afterwards, you want to make sure you get a good review. Wishbox streamlines the entire process for both you and your guests, saving time and money.
CheKin – CheKin is much like Wishbox, with the addition of offering early online check-in to guests (if you allow it.)

Streamline Operations

5. Providing a 5-Star Hotel Guest Experience

As a vacation rental property owner, you want guests to come back. And you want them to recommend your property to all their friends and family when they get home. Guesty gets it, which is why they’ve partnered with several other companies to make sure your guests have a 5-star experience every time.

YourWelcome – With this tablet-based service, you can upsell services to your guests, give them local recommendations, help them navigate your property, and connect them to services they may need. Streamline both your life and theirs!
Knock Knock City – Often, guests struggle to know what to do with their luggage before and after checking into their vacation rental. Knock Knock City provides affordable luggage storage that they can use during those in-between times that are perfect for exploring. 
Wishbox – With Wishbox, you can personalize each guest’s experience. Turn the thermostat to a comfy temperature, play relaxing, welcoming music, turn the lights on – whatever your guest needs to make them feel at home.

Owning and managing vacation rentals can be lucrative, and you will probably meet a lot of fun and interesting people along the way. However, it can also come with its share of headaches. With Guesty, you can streamline the rental process from start to finish, and enjoy all the joys (and profit) that comes with having a corner on this amazing, high-potential market.