Creating a Luggage Storage Network from Our Travel Fustrations

It All Started From Frustration
And Lack of a Better Solution

Last year we travelled to Philadelphia for the weekend and stayed at an Airbnb, as most millenials do. At check-out time (noon), we tried to leave our bags in the apartment while exploring the city and pick up before our train leaves, but there was nowhere to leave them. It’d be a nightmare to schlep these luggage around ALL DAY. Having no other choice, we left our bags unattended in the hallway, and still had to carry our heavy backpacks. Yikes. Then it clicked, we’re not the only ones going through this trouble. You probably did too, and millions of others.

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Our story 1
Us at Franklin Square, Philly
Our story 2
The Airbnb apartment we stayed at
Our story 3
Our bags left unattended in the hallway

We Built Knock Knock City to
Help You Carry Less, Do More

We built Knock Knock City to help every traveler, commuter and urbanite make the most out of their days, starting from NYC, home to 60.3 million travelers in 2016. Bringing sharing economy approach to daily storage, we were able to quickly have 30 safe locations around the city to store your bags, backpacks, shopping bags and luggage and we continue growing every day. Our team is fully dedicated to making your on-the-go life burden free.

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