Need Help? Frequently Asked Questions on Bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?
You pay after picking up your bags and luggage, for the duration of your storage ($2/hour). If you booked a spot but didn’t show up, you don’t pay anything. We only start the timer when you arrive at the host location and scan your QR code (booking code).

How do you track how many hours I stored my items?
We track the duration of your storage by the time the host scans your drop off code and pick up code. When you arrive at the host location, your host scans your QR code. That confirms that you dropped off, and starts the timer. When you go back to the host location to pick up your bags, host scans your QR code again, which confirms the pick up. The timer stops, and we automatically charge your card for the duration of your storage at $2/hour rate per bag and offer $500 insurance for each bag.

How do I pay?
You put your payment information in order to book a spot. All payments are protected and processed by Stripe, so it’s very safe. We charge your card automatically after you pick up your bags and luggage. Payment is processed seamlessly through our platform. No cash.

How do I book a spot?
It’s all done through our website. You’re here already, so go to the “map” on our homepage. When you’re on the map, choose a convenient host location and click on them. You’ll see instructions that will walk you through the booking process. It’s very easy and fast, takes less than a minute. We only ask you to enter the number of bags/luggage you have, what time you want to drop off, and your payment method. Then you’re all set!

Is my bag safe?
Yes. Safety comes first. We do in-person quality check with all of our hosts, their shops and give them comprehensive training to ensure that your bags and luggage are in safe hands. After our meticulous in person quality check process, we provide each host with our branded custom numbered zipties to seal your bags. When you arrive at the host location to drop off your luggage, simply place zipties around your zippers to make sure your luggage is sealed and secure. Each ziptie is uniquely numbered for you to know that it wasn’t replaced. Your items are stored in a private space at host locations (a separate locked room or basement with no outside access) while you’re in the city making the most out of your day with peace of mind.

Is my bag insured?
Yes, we provide $500 insurance per bag

Why did you start this business?
Thank you for asking. We were in your shoes multiple times, travelling or just running around the city having nowhere convenient to leave our bags and luggage. Travelers staying in Airbnb don’t have a place to leave their luggage before checkin and after checkout times. Backpackers, commuters and urbanites on-the-go can’t store their bags when moving between meetings, events, gym or coworking spaces. We lived the problem too many times before taking the mission to help you and millions of carry less, do more.

Is there any place to store my luggage in nyc? Where can I store luggage in New York?
Right here! We have 36 locations in NYC where you can store your bags and luggage. Just go to the map above, find a convenient host location and book a spot!

Can I store luggage in nyc for a couple hours?
Absolutely, for as many hours you want. You only pay for the hours you store. We charge by the hour unlike other services that charge for the whole day. It’s only $2/hour per bag plus the initial $2 startup fee (for handling and insurance).

Can’t find an answer to your question?
Visit “contact us” page in the footer to get in touch, or simply write us on the 24/7 chat. We get back within latest 30 minutes.