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Where to Store Luggage Near Penn Station?

February 28, 2018

Knock Knock City offers luggage storage near Penn Station to drop off your bags for an hour or day.
Book and store your luggage near Penn Station today!

Every day, Penn Station welcomes more than 650,000 daily commuters, transit and intercity trips on Amtrak, NJ TRANSIT, the Long Island Rail Road and the subway. New York Penn Station is the busiest rail hub in North America and a gateway to the nation's largest city, The Big Apple.

Around Penn Station, you will find must-see attractions to visit in addition to the railway itself. St. John The Baptist Church has been hailed as one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in the nation. Built in the 1800’s, this beautiful church takes you back in time from the moment you step foot beyond its enormous inviting doors. Whether you are catching a Sunday church service, or just coming to take a look around, this church will surely leave an impression.

Also near Penn Station is the Magnet Theatre which boasts original improv and comedy shows. Grab a drink and your favorite friend and spend your evening laughing at these incredible shows and talented acts. You will forget the stress of the day as you become immersed in the comedy and hilarity. Magnet Theatre is a must-see venue only steps from Penn Station. For more information visit

Whether you have spent the day in the city shopping, are waiting for your Airbnb or hotel to be ready, or waiting to leave the city, carrying your luggage and bags around prevents you from enjoying everything New York has to offer. Let Knock Knock City help! At Penn Station, we provide a drop off location for any baggage or luggage you may not want to bring along with you. Store your bags or luggage for only $2 per hour or $10 per night per bag.

Enjoy the city with your hands free by using our convenient, cost-efficient and secure location. We are here so you can be there.

Listed below are the names and locations of drop off spots you can visit:


Luggage storage near Penn Station

NYC's Electronics Shop

We'd love to store your bags and luggage at our electronic shop!

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