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Where to Store Luggage Near Grand Central Station?

March 01, 2018

Grand Central Station Luggage Storage Location

Our storage locations are trusted local shops. While storing your bags enjoy some of the perks they offer. Click "Book here" for more details.

Exciting times await you in NYC!
Here is how to use this map to store your items in just 3 minutes:
1. Select host location from map (luggage w/ balloon icon)
2. Click "Book" (purple button)
3. Sign up
4. Select # of items and enter payment info and book!
Ready... Set... GO!

Things to do around Grand Central Station

More commonly referred to as “Grand Central Station”, the historic Grand Central Terminal is a world-famous New York City landmark in Manhattan. Located on 42nd St and Park Ave, Grand Central is one of the busiest train stations in the world and hosts nearly 200,000 commuters daily. Built in 1871, Grand Central Terminal is home to 44 train platforms, several renowned restaurants, and some of the most stunning architecture in not only NYC but also the nation.

Though Grand Central Station is a must see individually, there are many other places to experience surrounding the Station, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This masterpiece of architecture will leave you speechless as you stand in its massive sanctuary. Built in 1858 and opened to the public in 1879, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a place that needs to be experienced while in NYC. Even if you don’t get to immerse yourself in a service, it is still worth walking in and taking a look around. You will not regret one moment. To learn more about the history or services, please visit

If you want to see NYC from a different point of view, The High Line is the perfect place for you to do so. Originally used as a bypass for trains in the 1930’s, in recent years, The High Line has been converted to a walkway and conservational use. Take a stroll through nature above the bustling streets of Manhattan. You will feel relaxed and disconnected from the hustle below as you wander around this unique walkway in the sky. Experience NYC from a different perspective. To learn more, visit

If you want to enjoy Grand Central Station and the surrounding area, or if you are waiting for your train to arrive, don’t carry your luggage around! Let Knock Knock City help! At Grand Central, we provide a drop off location for any baggage or luggage you may not want to bring along with you on these adventures. You can store each bag for only $2 per hour or $10 overnight!

Enjoy the city with your hands free by using our convenient, cost-efficient and secure location. We are here so you can be there.

Listed below are the names and locations of drop off spots you can visit:


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